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Online Application

Important Messages

Employee Accommodation Request

The Accommodation Request Form must be used when seeking accommodation(s) due to a documented disability. To make a request you must:

  • Review the University of Tulsa Accommodation Requests Policy.
  • Complete this form
  • Submit an Employee Accommodation Verification Form.

The information provided will assist the University in making decisions about appropriate accommodations. The University considers various types of information, including but not limited to, essential job functions, functional limitations, employee preferences, and factors that contribute to any functional limitations (see the University of Tulsa Accommodation Requests Policy).

Once you submit this form, Campus Accessibility Services staff will contact you about your request.
Personal Information
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Contact Information
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Terms and Conditions

By submitting this request, I affirm that all personal statements and documents that I am submitting in support of my application are true and correct. I certify that I have read and reviewed The University of Tulsa Accommodation Requests Policy. I further certify that the information provided is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and I understand that a misstatement or omission of fact may be cause for dismissal. I also understand that, under certain circumstances, the University may require me to undergo testing or evaluation by medical personnel retained by the University for the purpose of establishing the existence and extent of my medical condition and my ability to perform job-related functions with or without reasonable accommodation. I further understand that the University is not obligated to provide any specific accommodation I request but will evaluate my request in light of all information available in making a determination of what is a reasonable accommodation. I authorize the release of limited disability-related information to the appropriate offices as it relates to my request for, and/or use of, such accommodations.

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